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Maximize Your Solar Experience: Introducing Everything Solar

Maximize Your Solar Experience: Introducing Everything Solar

There are a number of complex strategies or initiatives in the solar space that are pushed by product manufacturers. They make broad promises about energy efficiency, security, and achieving a better life through solar technology. But are they flexible enough to address the needs of individual consumers and their properties?

The team at Solar Design Studio has been working hard to develop an innovative new approach to consumer solar solutions. Our years of experience and expertise in solar design, installation, project management, and consultation have prepared us to create something unique and exciting:

Everything Solar is a new strategy that enables our clients to maximize their investment in solar PV and battery storage by using solar energy more efficiently to power their home or commercial, residential, or industrial building. By focusing on comprehensive solar technology solutions such as the Smart Home and the Internet of Things (IOT), we’re working to make them more accessible and understandable to solar consumers.

Making Solar Simple

We have developed a process that helps consumers maximize the value of every Kilowatt Hour (KWH) of solar energy that is produced, stored, and utilized. We know that our clients are busy people - that’s why Everything Solar makes it simple to maximize the impact of your solar investment and embrace Smart Home and Internet of Things solutions.

The first step in our process is to develop a thorough analysis of your current energy (KWH) usage. This provides us with the necessary information to identify opportunities to reduce KWH energy usage and then size a system. Examples of this include cutting hot water heating costs, powering the pool, or charging an electric vehicle through the use of solar technologies.

Properly sizing and designing a system is the most critical step in our process. An accurate evaluation of your site and the building’s roof allows us to select the right equipment and create an optimized design that fits your unique usage needs. We’re proud of our track record of innovative solar solutions to complex design and engineering challenges.

Simply installing a system that complies with the applicable electrical and building code is only meeting the minimum criteria. Instead, we strive to exceed the criteria by embracing best practices, such as NABCEP install criteria, to ensure the reliability of the system over a 25 year period.

Accessible Smart Home Implementation

The concept of a Smart Home system is to enable the control of all appliances, including lighting, security, heating and cooling, and more both automatically and remotely. These individual devices are not simply connected through the internet, but actually “think” on their own through a network that shares relevant information and is capable of adjusting to different conditions and demands, with the owner maintaining control.

The main benefit of a Smart Home system is to provide better energy efficiency and lower utility costs. Additional benefits include comfort, automation, and ease of use. With a Smart Home system that utilizes solar energy and battery storage, you can maximize your return on investment because you can efficiently use your solar-generated energy instead of sending it to the grid.

One aspect of a comprehensive Smart Home is energy storage for self-consumption and backup power, which enables solar energy to be stored in a battery and used to meet load requirements when needed. Extra energy harvested during daylight hours is stored in batteries rather than sent to the grid, ensuring that stored energy can be used to meet your needs at any hour. In markets with demand charges and time-of-use electric rates, this stored energy can offer demand response, peak shaving capabilities, and perform time-of-use shifting, leading to significantly reduced electric bills.

Smart energy usage is dependent upon selecting and efficiently using all home systems, including heating and cooling equipment, other appliances (water heaters, refrigerators, and more), and specialized tools for maintaining your property. Examples include efficient and adjustable lighting options, entertainment technology, pool or hot tub equipment, electric mowers and other tools, and even solar electric vehicle charging.

A Comprehensive Solar Solution

The Everything Solar process takes every aspect of your home into account in order to maximize your energy savings and the return on your investment in solar technology. We also take into account and include available incentives in our property analysis, allowing you to take even further steps to maximize your ROI.

In short, Everything Solar is a comprehensive solution for clients like you who want to benefit from the full range of available solar technologies in a holistic, interconnected way. Solar Design Studio’s longstanding expertise and depth of experience makes us the perfect ally and guide for those looking for top-to-bottom solar solutions that create savings, comfort, ease, and the best possible return on your investment.

That’s why we’re your home for Everything Solar. Contact us today to learn more!


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I am very pleased with the outcome on my solar system designed by your company. This design was a very professional presentation of a well thought out plan. I believe the components of the system are of high quality and will last many years. I also received some positive comments about the electrical diagrams from my electrician. Job will done!

Terry Elwell Leeton, MO

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