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Introducing Everything Solar

Everything Solar is a new strategy from Solar Design Studio that enables you to maximize your investment in solar pv and battery storage by using solar energy more efficiently to power your home or building.     

Everything Solar is not product or technology independent, it is the proper application of product and technology. By focusing on comprehensive solar technology solutions, we demystify concepts such as the Smart Home and the Internet of Things (IOT), making them more accessible and understandable to solar consumers like you.

Most importantly, Everything Solar is a service that you own and control.

Making Solar Simple

Within the solar marketplace, there are a number of complex strategies or initiatives pushed by product manufacturers. They promise energy efficiency, security, and a better life through solar technology. But are they flexible enough to address the needs of individual consumers and their properties?

We have developed a process to aid consumers like you in maximizing the value of every Kilowatt Hour of solar energy produced, stored and utilized. Because we understand that our clients are busy, we don’t overwhelm you with complexity, but take a simplified approach to achieving the best possible end result.

Our process involves the following:

  • Analysis of historic usage
  • Properly sizing a system 
  • Properly designing a system
  • System installation
  • Smart energy usage - consumption monitoring 
  • Smart home abilities through solar technology
  • Energy storage for self-consumption and backup power 
  • Solar and electric vehicles
  • Return on investment analysis

The first step in our process is to develop a thorough analysis of your current energy (KWH) usage. This provides us with the necessary information to identify opportunities to reduce KWH energy usage and then size a system. Examples of this include cutting hot water heating costs, powering the pool, or charging an electric vehicle through the use of solar technologies.

Properly sizing and designing a system is the most critical step in our process. An accurate evaluation of your site and the building’s roof allows us to select the right equipment and create an optimized design to meet your unique usage needs.

Simply installing a system that complies with the applicable electrical and building code is only meeting the minimum criteria. Instead, we strive to exceed the criteria by embracing best practices, such as NABCEP install criteria, to ensure the reliability of the system over a 25 year period.

Smart Energy Usage - Consumption Monitoring

Smart Energy Usage - Consumption Monitoring is the ability to monitor your whole home or building’s energy usage represented in KWH. It provides for:

  • Total energy usage insight
  • A quick view of net energy
  • Foundation for energy management and load disaggregation
  • Weather impact on performance
  • Historic performance
  • Trends in energy usage/performance
  • Smart Home implementation

Smart energy usage is dependent upon selecting or efficiently using all home systems, including heating and cooling equipment, other appliances, and specialized tools for maintaining your property. Examples include: 

Selecting the right HVAC equipment

  • Identify the best way to heat and cool your home
  • When designing a new home, incorporating passive solar elements
  • Smart thermostats

Lighting control

Entertainment equipment

Selecting the right appliances

  • Water heaters
  • Refrigerators
  • Pool equipment, etc...

Tools for Maintenance

  • Electric mowers, etc…

Accessible Smart Home Implementation

The concept of a Smart Home system is to enable the control of all appliances, including lighting, security, heating and cooling, and more both automatically and remotely. It is not simply connected to the internet, but actually “thinks” on its own through a network of interconnected devices that share relevant information, with the owner maintaining control. The main benefit of these systems is to provide better energy efficiency and lower utility costs. Additional benefits include comfort, automation, and ease of use.

With a Smart Home system that utilizes solar energy and battery storage, you can maximize your return on investment because you can efficiently use your solar-generated energy instead of sending it to the grid.

Energy storage for self-consumption and backup power enables solar energy to be stored in a battery and used to meet load requirements when needed. For example, when the sun is not available (such as in the evening or at night) the energy harvested during daylight hours is stored in batteries rather than sent to the grid. Therefore, the energy is available and can be used to meet your needs at any hour. In markets with demand charges and time of use electric rates, this stored energy can offer demand response, peak shaving capabilities, and perform time-of-use shifting for reduced electric bills. Additionally, in the event of a power system outage, you will have stored energy available for targeted use.

Electric Vehicle charging through a solar PV system also enables you to maximize your return on investment with a solar PV system. Every Kilowatt Hour (KWH) produced by solar is converted into KWH per mile, or miles per charge, yielding significant savings. The energy produced by a solar PV system can be tracked and controlled for charging an EV. In some scenarios, the energy in the EV’s batteries can be utilized to meet load demands in the event of an extended emergency loss-of-power situation.

An accurate Return on Investment (ROI) analysis is provided for the components of a proposed solution to meet your specific needs. This analysis compares data from before an Everything Solar solution with the post-Everything Solar solution. A list of available incentives is also included in the analysis, allowing you to take even further steps to maximize your ROI.

In short, Everything Solar is a comprehensive solution for clients like you who want to benefit from the full range of available solar technologies in a holistic, interconnected way. Solar Design Studio’s longstanding expertise and depth of experience makes us the perfect ally and guide for those looking for top-to-bottom solar solutions that create savings, comfort, ease and the best possible return on your investment.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Bob and his knowledge and team for helping to create an amazing PV carport for us. I’m sure you would be delighted with whatever you engage him to help you with.

Dev & Sue Malik


I have had the pleasure of working with Bob for several years. In the beginning, Bob taught me important basics. Over a short period of time I was equipped with the language and tools to develop projects which resulted in more than 7 million dollars of sales. Over the past 5 years Bob has been a tremendous resource handling everything from initial ROI analysis to system design, rebate/ utility paperwork, city permitting, material sourcing, and final project paperwork. I can truly say Solar Design Studios played a major role in my success.

A sincere Thank You!

Nathan Clausen


Bob Solger is Mr. Solar to the Kansas City region. With a passion to forge change and be green well before it was cool to do so, Bob has led the regional market as an engineer and spokesperson for the adoption of solar energy. He completes his projects professionally and continues to inspire by teaching others how to get the most from solar installations.

Ace Wagner